NuTrain, powered by NeuroTracker, is a cognitive training app that is designed to boost your mental skills. Emerging from over 20 years of neurological research, it represents the next advancement in mental performance training.

Customized Programs

Your brain is unique; your training program should be too. Our app adapts to your unique mental abilities, while pushing your limits, to ensure an optimal workout every time.

Track Your Progress

With our interactive charts, it’s easy to monitor your personal progress. Our programs provide detailed feedback relating to your strengths, weaknesses and overall improvement.

Accessible Training

For your mental workout, all you need is an internet connection and 3D glasses. Why 3D? Training in 3D engages parts of the brain that are not activated in 2D games.

3D Training

Our cloud-based training is accessible anywhere, right from your browser.

Progress Tracking

See your abilities grow with interactive charts and detailed training data, along with an achievements system for hitting your milestones.

Adaptive Software

Personalized training with difficulty always adapts to your levels to ensure a challenging mental workout every step of the way.

Our Clients

Top athletes, educational institutions and clinicians use NuTrain technology.

Our Clients

Top athletes, coaches and sports scientists use NuTrain technology to step up their game.

Want to know how the pros train?

What the science says

Training can widely increase brainwave activity and processing speed.

3D multiple object tracking technology helps stimulate fundamental brain functions.

Training can improve decision-making in high pressure situations.

NuTrain’s technology can improve attention and visual function.

The technology that powers NuTrain.

“Elite athletes leverage huge advantages from their mental prowess on the field. I think NeuroTracker is a genuine breakthrough here. It’s a proven science technology that trains fundamental skills with rapid gains.”

Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D.
Vancouver Canucks, Former Director of Sports Science

“NeuroTracker is a fundamental tool for harnessing and developing any athlete’s performance potential. That’s why I’ve run over 10,000 NeuroTracker sessions for Manchester United’s best, pro athletes, and world champions in multiple sports.”

Mick Clegg
Manchester United, Former Coach

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Please note that NuTrain is currently only available in US & Canada.