NuTrain is a brain training app that boosts mental skills, which are key in athletic performance. Sports science shows that superior brain abilities give athletes a competitive edge.

Our Clients

Top athletes, coaches and teams use NuTrain technology.

Our Clients

Top athletes, coaches and sports scientists use NuTrain technology to step up their game.

To perform under pressure, athletes need superior:

  • control
  • awareness
  • mental focus
  • decision-making abilities
  • visual processing abilities

Maximize your Athletic Potential

Becoming a better athlete is not easy! It involves training both your body and your mind. NuTrain is designed to boost your attention, awareness and decision-making abilities.


  • Focus on key play opportunities
  • Filter out distractions in the game
  • Stay sharp throughout a long season


  • Identify key play opportunities
  • Predict your opponent’s moves
  • Perceptively slow down the game


  • Respond more quickly to plays
  • Improve your passing accuracy
  • Avoid overly impulsive actions

What the science says

Increases mental processing speed

Enhances visual tracking speed

NuTraining can boost attention

Improves decision-making abilities

Take your mental performance to the next level today with NuTrain! Buy now.