NuTrain is a cognitive training app that boosts mental skills, to help combat the effects of active aging. Research shows that as the brain ages, cognitive abilities can decline.

Cognitive decline affects one’s ability to:

  • cross a busy street
  • drive in stressful situations
  • navigate through large crowds
  • wheel a cart in a grocery store

Our Clients

Top athletes, coaches and sports scientists use NuTrain technology to step up their game.

Overcome Age-Related Cognitive Decline

With NuTrain, aging adults can improve their core mental capacities, which relate to attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.


Focus on the task at hand
Filter out daily distractions
Maintain your concentration

Executive Function

Minimize the risk of falling
Maintain postural balance
Avoid obvious obstacles

Working Memory

Hold on to key information
Recall info to solve a task
Be able to multi-task

Processing Speed

Comprehend incoming info
Use that incoming info
Feel less overwhelmed

What the science says

Increases mental processing speed

Training boosts attention levels

Enhances visual tracking speed

Improves decision-making speed

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